Team with a Thought Partner

You can partner with us as one-on-one and small-group advisors. Over the course of a year, we will meet for a series of conversation to think strategically, solve problems, and build value. We may cover topics such as organizational direction, brand identity, board development, or other matters that are crucial to your team’s survival and success. Our role could look like this:

  •  Meet monthly for advising and idea generation.

  • Create narratives or diagrams after each meeting to capture ideas and advice.

  • Design and run workshops on matters such as board orientation and performance. 

  • Develop key ideas over the year for your customers, staff, board, funders, community partners, and other potential supporters or allies.

This approach gives you the flexibility to address a range of challenges and opportunities you might encounter during the year. We can choose topics together as each year progresses.

These are topics that executives, managers, and boards face, and that we address together through our role as a thought partner:

Throughout the year, you will develop skills and mindsets, too. Through conversations and team sessions, we teach effective approaches to organizational strategy and management, design thinking, and visual and narrative communications.