Some organizations are happy to make incremental adjustments from year to year, but others are determined to explore new opportunities and grow in exciting new directions. It's these proactive enterprises that we help! If you seek a fresh perspective, an enterprising spirit, and a creative spark, we are here to guide your initiatives, teach new ways of thinking to your team members, and provide practical guidance along your journey.

Our Performance Pyramid provides the structure from which we diagnose your situation and identify new avenues to high performance. We introduce methods and teach concepts so your team will have the skills and values to make great decisions and advance your goals.


We use the Pyramid to address topics such as these that your enterprise might face:

  • "How might we distinguish ourselves from others in our field?"

  • "What might we do to deepen relationships with our customers?"

  • "How might we align our op-erations with our new vision and strategy?"

Together with you, we examine these topics and identify pivotal issues and high-potential solutions. We run an initiative module for each topical area, and we integrate courses, guidebooks, and advisory conversations to build your team's capabilities in each area.


Initiative Modules

We keep projects clear and focused by running six- to twelve-month iterations of the Performance Pyramid.

Each module focuses on a topic of strategic value for your enterprise. We do ideation, visual decision-making, and traditional business thinking.

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We assess teams' readiness to use business and design thinking skills, and then we teach concepts from this starting point. Courses reflect the emerging strategy and aims of your team. We usually teach eight to twenty board or staff members at a time across multiple sessions.

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Advising is one-to-one or in small groups. We explore assumptions, values, communication norms, and ways of thinking to help executives, board members, and up-and-coming leaders make sound decisions, develop teams, and achieve goals.