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Bryan leads our team. He serves as a sounding board for executives by combining strategic thinking with creative problem-framing and ideation. He guides and challenges clients to address issues from customer-centric and long-term perspectives, and uses creativity and analysis to resolve pivotal issues across an enterprise.

Bryan also teaches Aspen Impact's clients about board and executive leadership development, design innovation, visual decision-making, and strategic philanthropy.

Bryan's background is in strategy, business entrepreneurship, and nonprofit leadership. He has been a management advisor and marketing professional for PricewaterhouseCoopers and clients such as Sony Pictures and Disney, a policy developer for the Mayor of Indianapolis, and the director of a social impact center at Harvard. In addition to running Aspen Impact, Bryan teaches design thinking and visual communications at Indiana University's Herron School of Art and Design. Bryan's academic training is in economics, business, education, and social policy, including degrees with high honors from UCLA, Harvard, and Michigan, plus additional graduate research in operations management at MIT.

Bryan has served on the global Board of Directors for the Harvard Alumni Association and on boards for health, education, and arts organizations across the United States. As a member of the Indianapolis community, he completed the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series and volunteers in sports, arts, and education. He also enjoys visual design, photography, literature, and travel.

Please feel free to contact Bryan at and 317.826.8520.