Headquarters - Indianapolis, Indiana
Civic Envisioning - Vancouver, Canada
Ideation and Service Design - Carmel, Indiana
Global Exchanges - Cologne, Germany
Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy - Ajmer, India
Strategy and Program Design for People with Disabilities - Indianapolis, Indiana
Design Thinking Techniques - Indianapolis, Indiana
Design for Outdoor Experiences - Thousand Oaks, California
Business Operations and Strategy - Guangzhou, China
Sustainable Performing Arts - Indianapolis, Indiana
Urban Development - Detroit, Michigan
Envisioning Sports - Zurich, Switzerland
Education and Entrepreneurship - Hong Kong, China
Experience Design and Placemaking -  Vancouver, Canada
Entrepreneurial Models - Hangzhou, China
Rebranding in the Arts - Indianapolis, Indiana
Social Innovation - Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, Canada
City Leadership - Indianapolis, Indiana
Designing with Community Assets - Istanbul, Turkey
Youth Program Design - Martinsville, Indiana
Asset Mapping and Marketing - Indianapolis, Indiana
Lifelong Learning Initiatives - Cambridge, Massachusetts
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