Every so often, you may discover activities that bring people together and create energy across communities and organizations. Aspen Impact has the joy of designing initiatives and sparking ideas that elevate daily life through education, health care, arts, sports and an abundance of other fields. We structure and run projects, facilitate strategy and innovation sessions, create narratives and visuals, and provide fresh perspectives and counsel to enterprise leaders and their teams.

Here are examples of good things that have emerged. We often catalyze and enhance such initiatives through research, design, and early implementation. Our clients deserve to be front-and-center, so if you like what you see, applaud them!

In case captions do not appear on your mobile device, the photos below are of strategy, initiative development, communications, and design research projects by Aspen Impact in the United States, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Taiwan. Altogether, our team members have run approximately 500 projects in our home states of Indiana, California, and Massachusetts, and across the United States and the world.