Design and Launch Initiatives

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be exciting to create…?” Sometimes organizations reach a plateau by thinking about their products, services, customers, or business model the same way for too long. They may be doing fine, but they still wonder, “What if we could free ourselves from our conventions and launch something new?”

We lead teams to discover and pursue promising new forms of value creation and mission impact. We help philanthropic foundations design and launch initiatives across a community, help universities develop new offerings for students and alumni, help individual businesses understand customers better and then create services that will build customer loyalty, and help individual nonprofit organizations envision and launch new social impact strategies.

Opportunity Spaces.png

You may encounter business problems that call for novel solutions, new customer groups who seek new services, or other dynamics that would benefit from new ways of thinking, new approaches, and new opportunities for success.

Through our Discovery process, we guide clients’ teams to find and define these spaces. We then lead Ideation and Synthesis activities to map brighter paths into the future.

Clarity of Purpose.png

Businesses and nonprofits become enmeshed in the complexities of survival and then the present and future become murky.

We distill strategic options into straightforward courses of action for an enterprise. Through narrative and visual communication exercises, we bring clients’ purpose and strategy into clear focus.

Ecosystems of Impact.png

Enterprises face internal constraints that limit their effectiveness. They might benefit from partnerships and collaborations with other groups, but need an independent party to guide this process along.

We construct Ecosystem Maps to identify the assets in a marketplace or community, and then work together with client teams to develop networks that lead to greater efficiency, scale, and impact.