Design and Launch Initiatives

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be exciting to create…?” Sometimes organizations reach a plateau by thinking about their products, services, customers, or business model the same way for too long. They may be doing fine, but they still wonder, “What if we could free ourselves from our conventions and launch something new?”

We lead teams to discover and pursue new forms of value creation and mission impact.

  • We help philanthropic foundations design and launch initiatives across a community.

  • We help universities develop new offerings for students and alumni.

  • We help businesses understand customers well and create services that build loyalty.

  • We help nonprofit entities envision and launch new social impact strategies.

Together with you, we identify promising opportunity spaces for future services or products, convey a clear purpose for a new initiative, and map a landscape of local and national resources that can connect to elevate the impact of your new initiative.

Opportunity Spaces.png

You may face problems that call for novel solutions, customers who seek new services, or other matters that would benefit from new ways of thinking.

In our Discovery process, we guide your team to discover and define these spaces. Through Ideation and Synthesis, these opportunities become concrete and actionable initiatives for your team.

Clarity of Purpose.png

Businesses and nonprofits face pressure to survive the challenges of each day. Focused on these demands, their vision for the future becomes hazy.

We renew your team’s energy by mapping a clear and purposeful path to tomorrow. We use narrative and visual communication tools to bring your aims into focus.

Ecosystems of Impact.png

If your enterprise faces internal constraints, you might seek partnerships and collaborations. We serve as an independent guide to identify and shape relationships with colleagues in your field.

We create Ecosystem Maps that show latent and surprising ways you might connect with resources in a market or community. We design an ecosystem to raise your efficiency, scale, and impact.