Design Business or Community Initiatives

Sometimes teams plateau by offering the same products and services for a long time, or by always engaging customers in a familiar way. They may be doing fine, but then one day they ask, “Is this really the best way to do things? Are we missing something?”

We lead teams to reflect on how they are doing and then help them discover and pursue new ways to create value, engage with audiences, and advance missions. You may call us in to bring a fresh perspective into your team. We approach business problems and opportunities with a mindset that is objective and strategic, as well as creative and open-minded.

These are some ways to work with us:

  • You run a business. You want to understand your audiences more fully, deepen your customers’ engagement, or design new and profitable enterprises.

  • You lead a nonprofit organization. You want to reflect on your mission and design programs and services that will lead to more heartfelt, sustainable, and life-changing impact.

  • You steward a philanthropic foundation. You want to envision and launch initiatives that will address challenges, brighten daily life, and advance goals across your community, county, state, or nation.

Together with you, we identify new opportunity spaces for your services or products, bring clarity to your message and methods, and map a landscape of resources to grow and sustain your work.

Opportunity Spaces.png

Opportunity Spaces may include new markets, audiences, services, or approaches. We guide teams to discover these spaces, generate ideas to benefit from each opportunity, and turn promising ideas into feasible and profitable solutions.

Clarity of Purpose.png

We help teams map a clear and purposeful path, especially if the vision has become hazy over time. We use narrative and visual communication tools to envision, describe, and illustrate the steps along a path to the future.

Ecosystems of Impact.png

We create Ecosystem Maps that show untapped resources in a market or community. We advise teams on how to grow ecosystems, build collaborations with other parties, and gain the resources to raise visibility, efficiency, and impact.

Your initiative may be a specific project or service you would like to develop, or it could be a more extensive venture such as the creation of a strategic plan, brand identity, or customer engagement program. We often start early in the problem definition and design process, and then work together until the initiative is ready to launch and maintain.