Jaeeun is an advisor for projects in education. She is an expert in international education programs and policies. She counsels university and government officials on ways to energize and modernize educational systems, improve college access, and support students. Her work has taken her to the USA, Canada, France, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, and Algeria, among other places.

Jaeeun at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul.jpg

Besides consulting on education matters, Jaeeun is a professor of education and public administration in Seoul. She was previously an official in the South Korean Ministry of Education and examined education policies in developing countries for the World Bank. She has published research papers in international journals such as the Asian Pacific Journal of Education and through her graduate work at Harvard University. Jaeeun holds undergraduate and law degrees from Ewha and Seoul National University, respectively, plus master’s and doctoral degrees in education and social policy from Harvard.

She enjoys hiking, travel, church, and reading.

You can reach Jaeeun at jaeeun@aspenimpact.com.