Our Mission

Our mission is to design remarkable futures for society. Here’s how we put it into practice:

  • We build strategies that deliver a positive impact. We equip our clients to bring fresh ideas and approaches to their work, and to run meaningful, sustainable, and profitable enterprises.

  • We communicate stories about positive work. We create narratives and visuals that teach, engage, and inspire our clients’ teams and customers.

  • We teach skills in strategic thinking, communications, and the design of creative environments. We bring clarity of purpose and entrepreneurial spirit to our clients’ work.

  • We serve as a thought partner and motivator. We are a sounding board and idea generator in one-on-one and small-group conversations with our clients.

Bryan meets with Orr Fellows in Indianapolis.jpg

Our Values

These values form the foundation for the way we do our work and treat each person we meet:

  • Integrity and Sincerity

  • Modesty and Gratitude

  • Imagination and Ingenuity

  • Practicality and Relevance

  • Clarity and Focus

  • Reliability and Determination

  • Compassion, Empathy, and Kindness

  • Levity and Lightheartedness

  • Learning and Reflection

  • Aspiration and Positivity

Our Name

Our name celebrates themes from visual communications, the natural environment, and enterpise design.