Our Name

These are the reasons for our quirky name...and some might surprise you!



"Aspen" is a name people associate with physical beauty. The aspen tree features white-and-green bark plus colorful leaves of bright green or brilliant yellow, gold, orange, or red, depending on the season. We use clear and attractive charts, diagrams, and analogies to turn abstract concepts such as strategy and communications into tangible conversation points.


The dynamics of aspen trees are like the dynamics of our clients. Aspen trees do not live independently; rather, they are connected to each other through a root system. One seedling can sprout hundreds of aspen trees. These trees grow side-by-side.

Similarly, each of our clients prospers when it is connected to a network of resources. One may benefit from the proximity of a key customer, company, or nonprofit organization that may, on the surface, look like a competitor. The more a client taps into the “root system” within which it resides, the better it can survive and grow.



Aspen trees thrive on fertile soil and regeneration. They shed leaves each fall and grow new ones each spring. As the leaves flutter onto the soil, the tree reabsorbs the nutrients and stores them in the roots through winter for later nourishment. We like to think of our clients in a similar way. Each client may conserve resources in harsh climates, but it must reinvest resources to persist and grow anew. We blend creative thinking and analysis to generate fresh ideas and approaches, enabling each enterprise to enjoy a healthy life through all seasons.


We love to see our clients succeed since each client pursues a meaningful mission that benefits people’s lives. To position each client for success, we provide practical and achievable guidance. We create role charts, process flows, journey maps, timelines, and other items for each client to use in daily operations. Our projects enable each client to make a positive impact.


Aspen + Impact

Put those themes together and you emerge with Aspen Impact, a team that puts clients first, paints a brilliant landscape of possibilities, generates fresh ideas, builds connections to resources, and nurtures a positive impact for our clients and those they serve.