Our Services

Clients contact us to run six- and twelve-month modules that will bring these gains:

  1. High performance through clear strategy and decisions
  2. Products and services that thrill customers
  3. Proactive board and staff members who are skilled at strategy and innovation

When to Hire Us

Hire us to be your thoughtful advisor on strategy and operations. We are a flexible "special teams" player who guides, teaches, advises, and leads teams through the design and launch of innovations.

If you are planning a weekend retreat or other short-term project, we will consider serving as a facilitator or project leader. Through this approach, you can get to know us and build new capabilities quickly.

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When Not to Hire Us

If you are a brand-new organization, set up your infrastructure and build a market base. Return to us when these fundamentals are in place and you are ready to elevate your business.