What We Do

Aspen Impact is a strategy and design innovation firm. We work alongside senior leaders and staff to explore business and social impact opportunities in a changing landscape. We combine our expertise in visual communications, strategic thinking, design thinking, and organizational design with your industry expertise to produce clear strategies and tactics for high performance. See Our Approach to learn more.


We offer these services:

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Lead Innovation and Strategy Initiatives

We design and run projects to advance your team from conventional thinking to a distinctive and transformational strategy for the future. 


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Teach Design and Business Thinking Skills

Our courses teach team members how to re-frame problems and discover opportunities through design thinking, entrepreneurial mindsets, and visual communications skills. Participants develop the culture and methods to become great problem-solvers, service providers, and insight generators.

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Advise Executives and Boards

Counsel senior leaders and board directors on ways to achieve personal and organizational missions and visions. Serve as an objective sounding board to challenge and enrich ideas that emerge at the executive level.