What We Do

We design and guide business and community initiatives.

We serve as a thought partner for executives, managers, and boards.

We work alongside senior leaders and staff to explore business and social impact opportunities in a changing landscape. We combine our expertise in visual communications, strategic thinking, design thinking, and organizational design with your industry expertise to produce clear strategies and tactics for high performance.

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Design and Guide Initiatives

We design and guide initiatives on behalf of businesses and nonprofits to achieve visions for the future. This is when to partner with us:

  • You want to launch a new initiative or service that will solve a problem, engage customers, or grow your team’s visibility, income, and impact. You can see the potential, but you need a fresh perspective and an experienced strategist who can build your ideas by giving them the attention they deserve.

  • You are skilled on the creative side or the business side. You seek a concept developer who is skilled at blending design thinking, business skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset to create an initiative that is both desirable and viable.

You will gain a thought partner, facilitator, and creative thinker who stimulates ideas among your team members and turns your concepts into achievable and exciting realities.

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Think Strategically, Solve Problems, Build Value

We advise leaders and their teams on how to create, defend and grow a compelling strategic position; define and solve problems; and discover and pursue opportunities. We provide counsel and generate solutions for big-picture and daily concerns.

This is when to partner with us:

  • You want an objective, skilled, and thoughtful partner who will listen to you, consider your assumptions and ideas from a strategic perspective, and offer deeper or alternative approaches to the issues you face.

  • You want to hone your skills in thinking strategically, framing and solving problems, and creating value across an enterprise.

  • You want to build the leadership, management, or entrepreneurial capabilities of a group. Your audience might be your own team or other groups you support.

You will receive reliable one-one-one guidance and resources from us as the conference room and boardroom partner for your executives, managers, and/or board.