We are designed to give clients personal attention and deep expertise. Our core team of Bryan and Anna is based in Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana. Our advisory team members participate in projects as needed, bringing unique skills and global perspectives. We also host interns who build skills in strategy, marketing, narrative and visual communications, design thinking, or social impact. We partner with consulting firms, philanthropic foundations, and creative agencies that seek our complementary skills in strategy, design, executive coaching, and communications.

“Bryan is extremely professional, accessible, and responsive. I appreciate the analogies he uses to explain why we might choose one direction over another. [We gained] an understanding of the differences in messaging needed between prospective parents and prospective donors. Thanks so much for your help!”
— Nathan Hand, Director of Advancement, The Oaks Academy

Core Team

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Bryan Richards


Email -

Phone Number - 317.826.8520.

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Anna Leung

Advisory Team

Jaeeun in Seoul

Jaeeun Chae

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Simon Laub


We host college and graduate students as interns. We are grateful for our friendly and talented interns!